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What is the coming change that is coming to Healing in Christ?

What is the coming change that is coming to Healing in Christ Title

A Change In Our Church Verse 1 Peter 2:12 Conduct yourselves properly (honorably, righteously) among the Gentiles, so that, although they may slander you as evildoers, [yet] they may by witnessing your good deeds [come to] glorify God in the…
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Why We Are Called to Evangelism

Why We Are Called to Evangelism!

Evangelism and the Saint Many people who read this article are Christians and have been for some time. If you have not accepted Christ as your savior please check out this personal message from our ministry. We live in a…
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We Need The Living Water

We need The Living Water Title

Tune into our latest sermon from last Sabbath on The Living Water! God bless you and keep you is our prayer! Mar JehoshaphatBishop Kenneth N. Green otherwise known as Mar Jehoshaphat (his religious vocational name) was born in Denver, Colorado…
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Believing in Christ

Believe in Christ Title Graphics

Believing in Jesus Christ is easy but for many people getting to the point of believing can be most difficult because Satan has deceived them and they are confused. Believing in Jesus Christ is the most important decision you will…
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The Experience of Life

The Experience of Life Title Graphic

I awake this morning grateful to the Lord that I am still here. As I type these word’s part of me is surprised in saying that. The reason I say that I am surprised is that I awoke this morning…
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Who can know the heart?

Who Can Know The Heart Title Graphic

 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9 (KJV) Hello, I want to talk to my friends and family about a very serious topic. I wanna talk about the heart. I want…
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