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We Need The Living Water

We need The Living Water Title

Tune into our latest sermon from last Sabbath on The Living Water! God bless you and keep you is our prayer!

The Next Phase of Ministry

Our Next Phase Title Graphic

What is this next phase of ministry pastor? I have been taking some time to think about where God wants to take our church. The Lord has called us to start this church. There are many deceitful deceptions in the…
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When you want to quit.

Don't Quit Title Graphic

Life had been tough lately which is why we have not posted. Last week for church we wanted to do a movie night for the people in our community. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I wanted to quit!…
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Should ministers be paid?

Greetings Brother’s and Sisters in Christ, This question has arisen as i watched a video on youtube being very critical of Jennifer LeClaire an apostle I subscribe to and follow. I wanted to take the document that was used to…
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End Churchianity

End Churchianity Title Graphic

God be praised and glorified only! Today as I watched the home going celebration of one of the gospel and soul greats, Queen Aretha Franklin. I looked at the pomp and circumstance which was deserving because of her legacy of…
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Setting Up Your Prayer Closet

Prayer Closets Title Graphic

What you do in public don’t matter! This world is getting more and more wicked by the day. Sometimes when we attend church we discover that it’s really just a low-cost fashion show. People show up to see what others look…
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Believing in Christ

Believe in Christ Title Graphics

Believing in Jesus Christ is easy but for many people getting to the point of believing can be most difficult because Satan has deceived them and they are confused. Believing in Jesus Christ is the most important decision you will…
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The Experience of Life

The Experience of Life Title Graphic

I awake this morning grateful to the Lord that I am still here. As I type these word’s part of me is surprised in saying that. The reason I say that I am surprised is that I awoke this morning…
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Who can know the heart?

Who Can Know The Heart Title Graphic

 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9 (KJV) Hello, I want to talk to my friends and family about a very serious topic. I wanna talk about the heart. I want…
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