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It is very tough to write an autobiography on one’s self. About pages for Pastors and leaders, many times are either those persons themselves or their staff’s writing about them. But I feel it is crucial and key that every church lets the world know who their undershepherd is.

Mar Jehoshaphat (Bishop Kenneth Green)
His Grace, Mar Jehoshaphat, Bishop of the Diocese of Healing of the Word of Faith International Apostolic Fellowship

I was born in Denver Colorado the son of Elder Howard Sanford Denton and Lassie Green. My parents both suffered from developmental disabilities. Both parents are testaments to how glorious God is. Each of my parents had a love for God that taught me from a young age to depend upon him for everything in life.

I was told that I could never even graduate high school. I stand as a high school and college graduate with advanced degrees in theology and divinity. I was called into ministry at the age of eight years old, however, as a young man I was swayed by a cult and left the church.

A Prodigal Returns

When I returned to Christ at my uncle’s church, Christ In The City Temple of Worship I started off as a member, but soon the calling of God was evident and I was made a training deacon and then a minister. I was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel at the age of twenty-four years old and was called to finding a ministry called Healing in Christ soon after.

Pastor and 1st Lady
Pastor Kenneth Green and Lady Rachel Ann Green

Marriage Is a Beautiful Thing!

I married my beautiful and amazing wife Lady Rachel Anne Green in 2015 and we have been walking this path together ever since. I was Consecrated and Enthroned as a Bishop in the Lord’s house in 2013, and have previously served first as a Suffragan Bishop, then as an Adjutant General Bishop after Consecration in Faith Fellowship International.

Leadership in The Lord’s House

In 2015 I joined Word of Faith Apostolic Fellowship International under Bishop Ricky J. Phillips. I served that fellowship as 3rd Assistant Presiding Prelate and Chairman of the College of Bishops.

Mar Jehoshphat Casual
I’m Just a Nobody, Trying to Tell Everybody, About Somebody who can save anybody!

I hate talking about myself. But I feel that I need to share with you all my story. I am a nobody, and Jesus Christ came and gave my life value. Since I have been following Christ my life has never been the same. God has given me a unique gifting that I wish to use for his glory. If anything can be said about me after I expire from this earth and go into the presence of my master, is that I wanted his name to be praised, not mine. I hope you fellowship and worship the Lord with us! God bless you!

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