Why Must We Serve The Lord?

Why Must We Serve The Lord Title

Our Church Is Now Focused On How We Serve The Lord

Service to God is the cornerstone of our religion. His word teaches us how we do this via service to one another (Mark 12:31). Many people may have wondered where we have been. As a Pastor, I needed to take a sabbatical from ministry. As some of you may or may not know my wife suffered from a crisis in the last two months. My calling to God had to take a second place as I focused and helped my wife through her situation.

Our Church and Why We Must Serve The Lord

We are excited to be back on the mission field planting churches. I am a firm believer that traditional churches can be born from house churches. House churches allow for an intimate gathering of saints for education and edification together. Once a house church has become solid, then that house church can pursue renting a building and becoming a brick and mortar church. House churches are a custom of the ancient church, one that we should not forget.

What We Have Planned In The Short Term

We will continue our church plant in Downtown Denver and we’re excited to announce that we will be back to a full schedule come August 24th! If you live in Denver we invite you to come and celebrate with us, as we celebrate a three year anniversary! Guest preachers will be announced shortly. We are also glad to be working with Rabbi George Lang who will be leading a Messianic Jewish congregation in North East Denver. 

In The Next Year

After January 2020 we will focus on a second plant in the Curtis Park/Rino District neighborhood. We are excited to still be in partnership with Pastor Kevin Onditi of Kenya, Pastor Mark Karmon of Liberia and Pastor Emmanuel Samuel of Pakistan. We will be growing our diocese in leaps and bounds by planting churches the world over!

A New Initiative In How We Serve The Lord

Starting August 6th and occurring each week we will be serving the homeless as our street ministry. We will provide sack lunches, gospel tracts, and hopefully prayer and fellowship with those on the bottom of our society. We will be posting the dates of our street ministry on our facebook which you can access by clicking here. Come on out, let’s make an impact for Christ!

Last But Not Least Our Virtual Ministry

There are many “virtual worlds” that exist on the internet. Most are simply what chat rooms used to be. However, they attract thousands of people a day. On one particular game called Second Life, there are already a host of ministries that exist. We have linked up with Bishop David Mullins to work at a virtual church called Vision Church. We also have our own ministry as a Christian motorcycle club that we operate and have ministry out of. We invite you to check out this new wave and new mission field we feel the Lord is calling us to!

Find The Living Water That is Christ!

Check out our radio station!

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