When you want to quit.

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Life had been tough lately which is why we have not posted. Last week for church we wanted to do a movie night for the people in our community. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I wanted to quit! The experience almost killed me physically lugging equipment back and forth. I cried out to God, “Why is this happening I feel dead.”

Bishop Green Teaching about how not to quit.
Pastor Green teaching a leadership class.

Learning from a true apostle!

Heidi Baker is an evangelist I subscribe to. In a book on creating the miraculous affect she describes an experience she felt before her call to Mozambique. Hedi talked about feeling literally DEAD. She could do nothing for an entire week while she was under the control of the Holy Ghost. The glory was so thick she literally could not move.

When she asked God about her feeling dead she got a surprising answer. “Good, I want you Dead.”

Back to my story

I felt dead and I wanted to quit so badly. And unfortunately, I think I inherited Moses’s temper. I was angry and I allowed it to affect me. But then later on God showed me the error of my way. Everything will not always go honkey dorey in our lives and in our ministries! I am proud to say we will be back at it this weekend with a movie night and then a turkey distribution for Thanksgiving. 

When we are in the body of Christ we exist to serve our brothers and sisters. Well not only them, but we are here to serve humanity as a whole. I am so excited with where God is taking our ministry. But we must learn to function when everything goes wrong as well as functioning when everything is right.

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There are lessons we must learn when we feel this way. Anyways I hope my story below blesses you and gives you the courage to try another day!

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