The Next Phase of Ministry

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What is this next phase of ministry pastor? I have been taking some time to think about where God wants to take our church. The Lord has called us to start this church. There are many deceitful deceptions in the world. And it will only get worse as time winds up and closes. I have a passion and desire for Christ and wanting a deeper connection with him. I believe in the body of Christ we are so focused on programming and getting butts in the seats that we are missing the boat.

What boat are we missing pastor?

Our Next Phase: Small Groups
Our Next Phase Involves Building in Small Groups

I believe we go to church and go through the motions. Many churches are more into numbers and how they are regarded in the community and miss the opportunity to build and grow the believers. We want to turn that paradigm on its head. We are working to start a new ministry season from October 2018-October 2019 where we will meet as a house church in Downtown Denver as we build up all of the believers who work with us in this church.

Where do we go from here with our next phase?

Next Phase: Feast of Tabernacles Flyer
Join Us as we Learn to Appreciate the Jewish Cultural Traditions that Christianity was based from!

In October 2019 our aim is that Healing in Christ is able to launch a new ministry team in a different part of the city and help them grow their house church congregation. I am in no way talking crap about traditional churches or mega-churches and programs. God has a huge purpose for those entities in the end time revival that is coming. However, I feel passionate about small groups because I feel that they provide the best opportunities for discipleship and learning.

Turning Ministry Paradigms on their head!

Our goal used to be growing into a mega entity. However, I feel God is leading us in a different direction. I am excited for where this ministry is headed.  The Leadership team will be myself and my wife, and we are excited that we get to pour into others but also be poured into ourselves as we learn from everyone in the group. If you would like more info about our group fill out the form below!

P.S. End Churchianity

In Christ,

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