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God be praised and glorified only! Today as I watched the home going celebration of one of the gospel and soul greats, Queen Aretha Franklin. I looked at the pomp and circumstance which was deserving because of her legacy of service. But then I think of the pomp and circumstance that happens in every church. Pastor this, Bishop that, my hat is better than your hat, my car is better than your car and I feel sad.

Is Christ’s Church a corporation?

My family has resources sufficient to our needs, and there are many who have been the helping hands of God sustaining us in our lives and our ministry. I believe everyone who does not have money yearns for it. But I’m ashamed to see that the church has become commercial.

Is This the Church or Churchianity?
Is This The Church? Is this Christ’s Vision for the Church?

End of Churchianity Documentary

This documentary I love is called the end of Churchianity. It shows us people from around the world who are living lives in such a way to depend upon God alone. Because these people do this they are gifted from the Holy Ghost to do the miraculous. I pray that you watch this documentary because I personally feel that we here in the United States of America are not experiencing this sort of true Christianity. I do not say this in insult. But I do feel that because we are not under the fires of persecution, we don’t have to press in to the Lord with a dependence on him for our all.

America do be diligent. One day persecution is coming! The fires of it are already lit and kindled. As we move closer and closer to the day of Yeshua’s return the persecution of his saints all over the world will increase. Satan maketh war with the saint’s and to conquer them.

 “Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them.”

Revelation 13:7 (ESV)

So please check out this documentary and let me know what you think!

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