The Experience of Life

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I awake this morning grateful to the Lord that I am still here. As I type these word’s part of me is surprised in saying that. The reason I say that I am surprised is that I awoke this morning feeling horrible. My head was swimming and I was super dizzy. I know that before the end of this day I will probably visit the hospital which is not a good thing.

Lifes Experiences Are Good and Bad

Experiences of Life
Prayer is Key in EVERY season of Life!

Life is full of experiences, the Good, the Bad. It is up to us to find the most crucial lesson of them all. That lesson is simply to worship God in the good times and the bad. My family has been going through a great transition at this time, and it is glorious to see. The nucleus of a new church is forming in front of our eyes, but the change of pace and a change in life is always daunting and scary at times.

Praise God in the Meantime!

I want to express to you a challenge to learn the lessons of each experience that we go through. That is a tall order at times, and it’s easier said than done. But as I look at my current life and situation from a vantage point outside of myself I know that there are true lessons that can be learned from each phase of our life.

In Conclusion

God is with us in each experience of life!
God Will Never Leave Us or Forsake Us!

This Sunday as you worship the Lord in your own ways, I challenge you to look at your life whether good or bad and evaluate the lessons that God want’s you to learn. Every lesson in the bible is simply the life experience of people who learned or did not learn the crucial lesson that God is still God no matter what and to learn no matter how hard the situation.

God bless you! Take time to learn from the good and the bad, and of course the ugly.

Yeshua be praised in all things! Pray for me today!

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